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Data Management Consulting

Keep Calm.. It's Just Data

     >  Are you wasting valuable time preparing data?

     >  Do you want to effectively analyze your data?

     >  Do you want to extract meaningful information efficiently?

     >  Do you want to present your findings in a compelling way?

     >  Do you want something unique?

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About Data Management Consulting

Keep Calm..It's Just Data

I have over 30 years of extensive experience acquired through working with different companies across a variety of industries.

​Corporates include Mondelez, Netcare, Famous Brands, Murray & Roberts, Accenture, JSE, Nestle and Deloitte.

Industries include debt collection, electronics, education, crop production, financial services, legal and manufacturing.

Excel is my data management tool of choice. Even more so now that it contains loads of business intelligence tools. One being Power Query which enables transformation of data without having to use complex formulas and programming code.

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Why Microsoft Excel?

Excel is a popular and widely used application that compliments other solutions.

In Feb 2021, Go Skills noted “Excel has over 750 million users worldwide, and over 80 percent of businesses still use Excel”.

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Jeff Weiner

 “Data really powers everything that we do.” 

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Managing Your Data

Keep Calm..It's Just Data

Data exists in every organisation. Often though it’s not fully organised or understood. Rather, it may come from disparate sources, and in various formats with limited context. The challenge, for companies and users is they may not know what data they have, where or how it is stored, if it’s useful, or how to turn it into meaningful insights that they can act upon.

Data is unique to companies and users therefore, only a unique approach will enable you to get the most out of your data. The services I offer are tailored for your unique requirements whether I prepare your data, I train you to prepare it or a combination.

​No matter the service, the objective is to prepare data that facilitates analytics and provides decision makers with timely answers and insights into to the operation of their business so that management may take efficient and effective measures to ensure their company's growth.

​My clients have been able to go from, having a vague idea, to having a comprehensive understanding of the operations of their business. To determine and quantify what works and what does not. To take corrective measures and make improvements. To identify gaps and anomalies. Get answers specific to their business.

Individuals and students can focus on their project, research, thesis or other work while I prepare their data. When it’s time for them to analyse their data it’s ready to go.

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Time & Effort Spent Working with Data

(there is wide consensus and some disagreement about these stats)

Preparing Data

Analyzing Data

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Data Management Consulting Services

Keep Calm..It's Just Data

It's been said "We are drowning in data but starving for insights"

Users spend valuable time working for their data instead of making their data work for them.

That's where I come in!

Introductory Consultation

Evaluate What You Have and What You Want

  • Quality of your data

  • Where it's saved

  • File formats

  • Reports and visuals

  • Your unique circumstances​

Data Management & Insights

Turn Your Data into Meaningful Insights

  • Transform your information into structured datasets

  • Convert your datasets into Excel tables

  • Generate pivot tables and pivot charts

  • Create dashboards

  • Integrate your unique requirements

  • How to update your information

  • How to maintain the set up

1-on-1 On the Job

  • You use your own unique data

  • You choose your time, duration and location

  • You build on your level of skills and learn alternative formulas and techniques

  • By the end of the session you simply carry on in your normal work environment

  • Post training support

Data Preparation for Assignments

Data is Prepared for You to Use for Projects, Research or Other Work

  • Consolidation of your collection of data

  • Cleansed, standardized and formatted

  • Set up so you can analyse and document findings

  • You'll be able to create reports and visuals

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I offer on the job training because as the saying goes....

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

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Next Steps....

Get in touch and find out how YOU can get the most out of YOUR data!

Sandton, South Africa

+27 72 305 5756

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